A guide for those who say “I’ll do it on Monday”

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I’ve always taken the “new year, new me” saying a bit too seriously. For whatever reason, my brain would set unrealistic expectations every December 31st:

On New Year’s Eve, you’re going to meet your soulmate at midnight and kiss.

Surprisingly, none of those things happened *sigh*. Could it be that things don’t happen just because I stay up until midnight to ring in the new year and add a different number at the end…

It’s a lot like being dumped.

Photo: Austin Chan/Unsplash

In old news, the pandemic has continued to impact the job market. For the past several months we’ve heard about mass lay-offs, furloughs, pay cuts, and business closures every day with the hopes that it doesn’t happen to us.

Well, it happens. I was laid off on November 18th, and my last day with the company was December 31st. I won’t beat around the bush, being laid off sucks.

I went through most stages of grief within a few hours the night I was let go. I felt numb, confused, scared, sad, angry, and lost. Fast forward to 2021, it’s…

Plot twist: It wasn’t by choice

Photo by Chen on Unsplash

Ah, young love. It’s foolish, playful, innocent, exciting… just enough to make those who have it smitten and those who don’t wish they did.

I was the latter. I was a hopeless romantic growing up. I had crushes, but wouldn’t dare talk to them. To throw another wrench into the mix, I’m a triplet. That meant my brothers collectively were friends with most guys in our grade. So yes, I’ll admit it, I often had crushes on my brother’s friends. In the end, I was single all of my young adult life. …

Analisa DeBon

Amateur painter, guitarist, and emotional cheese eater.

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