Why I Didn’t Have a Boyfriend Until I Was 22

Plot twist: It wasn’t by choice

Photo by Chen on Unsplash

I Gave My Heart a Break

They say “it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all”, but I think it depends. When you’re young, do you really know what love is? Most likely, it’s going to be a different kind of love than adults experience. For those who married your high school sweetheart, I commend you for finding your soul mate so early. For the rest of us, I’m sure we can think back to people we liked in high school who we wouldn’t dare swoon over today.

I Learned to Form Solid Friendships

You can guarantee your friends will be at your wedding, but the bride/groom? Not so much.

I Saved $$$

Selfishly, this was my favorite perk of being single. Yes, when you’re dating someone you’ll have things paid for and receive gifts, but if you’re a good partner you will also be doing those things in return.

I Created Good Memories

Have you ever started telling a story on a date and realize halfway through that an ex is in it? I haven’t, but I’ve been on the receiving end and it’s not attractive. In early relationships, it’s common to spend all your time with your significant other. But what do you do when you’re on a date 5 years later and realize you spent the last few years watching Netflix with your ex?

Amateur painter, guitarist, and emotional cheese eater.

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